Thursday, October 28, 2010

Business Plans Financing A Business Bottom Line Irvine CA

Do you have a Business Plan?

You Will Need One in todays market


949-788-2998 Business Financing Available even in todays market

Business Loans and Equipment Financing

We make it easy for you to get the business loan and equipment financing you need when you need it.  Many loans do not even require a business plan, credit check or financials.   Bottomline Results gives you the best business financing options available in the marketplace today.  We are confident that our various programs, pricing and experience represent a superior business loan or equipment financing alternative to your business.

Bottom Line Results Corporation helps qualified companies obtain business financing, SBA loans or equipment financing to help their company grow with financing solutions from $5000-$5,000,000.  We can also help those that need a business plan.  

In addition to traditional business and equipment financing, we can also help you obtain:

·       Business loans

·       Working capital loans

·       Business lines of credit

·       Equipment loans

·       Equipment leasing loans

·       Equipment refinancing loans

·       Software lease for 100% of software financing, including training and installation

·       Accounts Receivable financing (A/R Financing)

·       Factoring

·       Purchase Order Financing (PO Financing)


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