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Tips To Save Money


Irvine CA 877 647 8683

With so many changes in the health care industry, consumers should be shopping their health insurance plan at least once a year. EHealthPlanUSA.com offers five helpful tips on how you can save.

   Tip # 1:  Try raising your policy deductible.  Just like car, home and most insurance; if you raise the deductible, the premium will likely go down.  That’s because the deductible is the amount you’re responsible for paying before the insurance kicks in.  Often times, the savings will make up for the burden of carrying that higher deductible.

   Tip #2:  Consider a plan that allows you to open an HSA.  HSA stands for Health Savings Account. These accounts can be set up at most banks and are tax-free and you can use them to pay for health care costs.  The money rolls over from year to year and it’s a great way to keep track of your out of pocket health expenses.

   Tip #3: If you’re a dependent on a spouse’s group policy; consider leaving the group plan and obtaining your own insurance.  Group insurance can be very costly for dependent children and spouses because the employer often pays for part of the employee’s insurance—but not the family’s. 

   If you’re healthy, and can get an individual plan, that may save you a lot in monthly premiums.

  Tip #4: Make sure any prescription drugs you’re taking is on the insurance company’s preferred list.  Each time your refill, your copay will be less. Better yet, ask your doctor if there’s a generic version you can take instead.  

  Tip #5: Always use an independent insurance broker when shopping for your health plan.  It doesn’t cost you a cent yet you’ll get an expert who is on your side and will bring you all the affordable options in the marketplace. 

   Advisors at ehealthplanusa.com are experienced and licensed agents standing by to help. 877-647-8683

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