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If You Aren’t Using Online Video Marketing, You Will Soon Be Invisible

As more and more information is added to the internet, it is getting increasingly difficult to be found by your targeted audience.  The fastest and most economical way to stand out from the online crowd is to use online video marketing.

Amazingly in as little as 12 hours, you can be listed on page 1 of Google search in your local market and as you produce and distribute more videos you begin to dominate the first page in your area.  Unlike television or cable commercials that air once and then you have to pay again for them to appear again, videos distributed online never disappear!  The more videos you create and distribute, the greater your reach into adjacent markets as your online presence grows like ripples on a lake.

A few mind-boggling facts:

·       YouTube has about 2,000,000,000 video views per day or 23,000 per second

·       More YouTube video is uploaded in 60 days than the traditional TV networks created in 60 years

·       More than 50% of the US population will watch a video next year…that’s 155,000,000 people

·       Over 78% of internet users watch videos

What do you think is going happen to your business if you do not make online video marketing a priority?  Some predict that if you do not use video on your website, over the next several years it will nearly be impossible to find you on Google!  So if you’re ready to see how inexpensive online video marketing can be, call us today at 949-788-2998 or go to our web site: http://www.BottomLineResultsCorp.com

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